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Owner – Andrea Ortiz

Bash was conceived from Andrea's concept to provide a one-stop shop for consumers to become their own professional party planners.  Bash is a service-oriented mobile platform that allows consumers to create a party plan, easily locate items for their party or events through local vendors, and make in-app purchases without having to visit every store.


Cool It Headwear

Owners – Roha Nehas and Ashley Gonzalez

Cool It Headwear is headwear made out of fabric with cooling properties. In addition, it incorporates a thin, adjustable, flexible cooling strip made out of gel beads.  This removable cooling strip can be placed in the freezer and then inserted into the fabric headwear for many hours of cooling comfort.


Owner – Emily Raney

For many years, Emily has used her creative talents to produce art and jewelry from various mediums.  Alloy Interp specializes in handmade, unique, high quality, inexpensive necklaces made from metals and beads.  Emily's mission is to spread the love of art and jewelry by enabling people to show their personalities through accessories.